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Knowing the difference is most of the battle.


Professional Weed Control Services



Seasonal lawn mowing comes with the vital service of lawn weed control. Not all weeds are created equal and understanding the difference is the key to effectively controlling them. Through the careful selection and application of herbicides, a Stretch Property Maintenance specialist can ensure your lawn’s weed issues are controlled, resulting in a healthier, greener, and more attractive lawn for years to come.

Servicing the Central Iowa communities of Ankeny, Granger, Grimes, and Johnston.

A photo of dandelions and other lawn weeds common in Iowa lawns. Stretch Property Maintenance performs weed suppression and weed control services on all types of cool season grass found on Iowa lawns.

While no lawn will ever be completely weed-free, a lawn care expert can certainly provide the essential treatments and advice for keeping your commercial or residential lawn virtually weed free. At Stretch Property Maintenance, we offer effective weed control treatments combined with our tailored fertilization applications. By using a combination of pre-emergent herbicides and post-emergent herbicides, we can prevent weeds from out-competing the healthy cool-season grasses on your lawn. From spring through fall, Stretch Property Maintenance will provide up to six rounds of weed control applications for our residential and commercial lawn care clients.

In Central Iowa, some of the most common weeds you will find growing in your lawn include Broadleaf Plantain, Dandelion, White Clover, and Creeping Charlie.

An image of a Stretch Property Maintenance lawncare professional applying weed control herbicides to a central Iowa lawn.


Two Main Types Of Weeds Found In Central Iowa

Details About The Scheduling Of Our Weed Control Treatments

Invasive weeds can take over lawns and landscaping beds when they are not well maintained. The types of weeds that tend to grow in our Central Iowa communities of Ankeny, Granger, Grimes, and Johnston can be separated into two categories: annual/perennial grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds.


Annual Grassy Weeds / Annual weeds produce seeds and die after the first heavy frost. If you do not treat them, their seeds will germinate and their numbers will increase the next year. Grassy weeds will germinate in the spring when soil temperatures rise above 50 degrees. Common grassy weed varieties include crabgrass, goosegrass, and annual bluegrass (Poa annua). Grassy weeds are usually found on lawns that have soil compaction, are overwatered, or are mowed aggressively low.

Perennial Grasses & Broadleaf Weeds /

Perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds, such as Bermuda grass and Dallis grass tend to move into weakened turf that is heat stressed, overwatered, or mowed far too low. Broadleaf weeds, such as white clover, and ground ivy (Creeping Charlie) establish and thrive on lawns that have compacted soil or are under-fertilized.

We apply several weed control treatments during the growing season, starting in early spring and going through late fall, with additional spot treatments provided on an as needed basis for problematic weeds. Pre-emergent weed killer is used early in spring to prevent crabgrass before it can germinate and choke out desirable grass. Throughout the rest of the year, we suppress weeds in your lawn with post-emergent weed killer. This weakens and kills actively growing weeds, eliminating them from your lawn. Combining both herbicides is crucial for effectively controlling the types of invasive weeds common in central Iowa.

Preventing Weeds By Avoiding Practices That Weaken Your Lawn

You can easily prevent many weeds from establishing in your lawn with good lawn care practices. Weeds will easily sprout and spread if your lawn is improperly fertilized, mowed to the wrong height, or poorly watered.



Stretch Property Maintenance offers lawn care and lawn maintenance according to your seasonal needs. Whether you're just looking for help in the summer to establish a relationship or you're looking for a year-long agreement, please reach out to us today and a Stretch professional will get back to you promptly. Request a quote today!

A weed free Iowa lawn with thick grass thanks to regular lawn care provided by Stretch Property Maintenance of central Iowa.

Lawn Maintenance Services

Our experienced team provides routine lawn maintenance services during all seasons, allowing your commercial or residential property to stay vibrant all year round.


Here at Stretch Property Maintenance, we don’t provide one sized fits all solutions to your lawn maintenance needs. Our lawn maintenance and landscape experts know that a proper maintenance plan requires delivering a custom-tailored solution that provides for the lawn’s essential maintenance needs: lawn mowing, lawn edging and blowing, plant trimming and pruning, spring cleanup, and fall cleanup. Our year-round plans guarantee that you will see real results in the health and appearance of your yard and plants.


Stretch provides lawn care and yard maintenance plans for residential and commercial clients in the Central Iowa communities of Ankeny, Granger, Grimes, and Johnston. Please reach out to us today and a Stretch professional with get back to you promptly.

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