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We've got the right medicine for your lawn insect headaches.


Professional Lawn Insect Control Services



The sudden appearance of brown patches in a lawn is always cause for concern, but it's usually easy to uncover the root cause. Aside from lawn diseases, dead or dying grass is usually caused by an infestation of insects that feed on grass blades and roots. Our lawn insect control treatments help to irradicate infestations of chinch bugs, aphids, sod webworms, and other lawn pests. Contact a service agent today to find out how we can help you battle your lawn insect problem.


Servicing the Central Iowa communities of Ankeny, Granger, Grimes, and Johnston.

A central Iowa lawn showing brown patches and other signs of insect damage before lawn insect control services by Stretch Property Maintenance.

Preventing damaging insects from establishing a foothold in your lawn is vital to its overall health and appearance. These insects attack your turf and if left unchecked, they can often destroy your entire lawn in a short amount of time. We provide lawn care services designed to stop common lawn insects such as:

Image of a sod webworm moth, a common lawn insect that damages grass in Iowa lawns. Stretch Property Maintenance offers effective lawn insect control services for these and other lawn pests.

These larvae of the sod webworm moth hatch in late April or early May and begin to feed on the stems of your grass. Early signs of sod webworm damage in a lawn are small brown spots of scalped lawn similar to damage caused by mowing too low. If these worms continue to grow, those brown patches can spread across your entire lawn. Left untreated, the entire lawn may end up dying, especially when the damage is combined with heat stress in the summer. Sod webworm treatment is applied in the early spring to attack the larvae before they can cause damage to your cool-season grass.

An image of a Chinch Bug, a common Iowa lawn insect that can damage your grass. Stretch Property Maintenance offers effective lawn insect control services for these and other lawn pests.

Chinch bug lawn infestations commonly happen in June and July, the hottest part of the summer. These bugs feed on the grass by sucking the moisture from it, depriving the plant of needed water at the peak of summer heat. Chinch bug damage presents as dry brown patches in the grass that appear underwatered. Without prompt and proper insect control, a chinch bug infestation will destroy your entire lawn in less than a month. Our effective chinch bug treatments will quickly eliminate this threat and limit any damage to your lawn.

An image of a aphid, a common Iowa lawn insect that can damage your grass if left uncontrolled. Stretch Property Maintenance offers effective lawn insect control services for these and other lawn pests.

In typical small numbers, aphids aren't a concern for a lawn. However, when their numbers explode, they can cause major damage to your lawn. These small insects secrete a substance called honeydew and in large amounts, this causes mold in lawns. Aside from mold, aphids in high numbers can also cause severe yellowing of grass blades and stunt growth. Applying a treatment for aphids will prevent this damage and keep their population in check.

An image of white lawn grubs. These Japanese beetle larvae can severely damage your turf. Stretch Property Maintenance offers effective lawn insect control services for these and other lawn pests.


Sod Web-Worms & Moths

Chinch Bugs



White lawn grubs are capable of causing intense damage to your lawn’s grass. Signs of grubs in your lawn are brown patches of turf that can easily be lifted from the soil. Grub damage to lawns is caused by the grubs consuming the grass roots, killing the grass. As these Japanese beetle larvae mature into adults, swarm and damage ornamental plants and trees in the area. Effective lawn grub control is applied from late May to early August.

If you're not certain what's caused your lawn

damage, our lawn care experts will evaluate your

situation and help create a treatment plan.



Stretch Property Maintenance offers professional lawn care and lawn maintenance tailored to your seasonal needs. Whether you're just looking for help in the summer to remedy persistent lawn issues or you're looking for an annual lawn care or lawn maintenance plan, please contact us today and a Stretch professional will follow up with you. Request a quote today!


Our experienced team provides routine lawn maintenance services during all seasons, allowing your commercial or residential property to stay vibrant all year round.

A photo of a healthy Iowa lawn after effective lawn insect control services provided by Stretch Property Maintenance of central Iowa.

Lawn Maintenance Services



Here at Stretch Property Maintenance, we don’t provide one sized fits all solutions to your lawn maintenance needs. Our lawn maintenance and landscape experts know that a proper maintenance plan requires delivering a custom-tailored solution that provides for the lawn’s essential maintenance needs: lawn mowing, lawn edging and blowing, plant trimming and pruning, spring cleanup, and fall cleanup. Our year-round plans guarantee that you will see real results in the health and appearance of your yard and plants.


Stretch provides lawn care and yard maintenance plans for residential and commercial clients in the Central Iowa communities of Ankeny, Granger, Grimes, and Johnston. Please reach out to us today and a Stretch professional with get back to you promptly.

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