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Soil testing can pave the way to making your dream a reality.


Soil Testing



A lush emerald-green lawn is the dream of many homeowners. A healthy lawn offers a sense of pride and amplifies the curb appeal of your property. When a once-green lawn begins to get brown or patchy, you may want to immediately reach for some fertilizer. However, before you fertilize, you should know which formulation to select and how much you will need to apply. Professional soil testing unwraps this mystery for you.

Servicing the Central Iowa communities of Ankeny, Granger, Grimes, and Johnston.

An image of rich Iowa soil after receiving soil testing from Stretch Property Maintenance. Call us today for any lawn care or lawn maintenance service need.

When you choose Stretch Property Maintenance to service your lawn care needs, we work with you to find effective ways to improve your turf’s health. There are a variety of different causes for brown or thin areas in a lawn. The primary causes are the lack of the correct nutrients in the soil, lawn diseases, and insect infestation. When we see suspicious brown grass and/or patches of thin grass, we don’t immediately apply fertilizer to add nutrients to the soil. Instead, we usually add on our soil analysis service before we take any action. This simple and cost-effective test will produce a detailed report on what your turf needs to be healthy, down to the soil pH levels and the specific amounts of each nutrient present in the soil.

A photo of cool season grass varieties including perennial rye grass, turf type tall fescue, and Kentucky bluegrass. Stretch Property Maintenance works with all cool season grass types.

Trying to determine which formulation to use for your fertilizer application without running a soil analysis can easily result in too much or too little being applied to your lawn. Our tests accurately assess your soil's pH as well as the levels of elements like phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, calcium, manganese, and iron. Once we know what your lawn is lacking in order to be its healthiest, we can craft an individualized lawn care plan for your grass. Without this crucial information, a fertilization treatment might not be as helpful to your lawn as you might hope.


Soil Tests Produce Detailed Reports On Your Lawn's Health

We Tailor Your Lawn Care Plan Using Soil Testing

Knowing Your Soil's pH Level Will Prevent Fertilizer Waste

Soil sample testing will help you uncover precisely what soil nutrients your lawn needs as well as the soil’s current pH  level. The lawn care experts at Stretch Property Maintenance will take a small soil core sample from your lawn and run it through tests to determine the soil's health and the best course of treatment for your lawn. Using soil tests avoids a lot of guesswork which could result in over-fertilization, soil erosion, and an explosion of invasive lawn weeds. Our team can help you avoid a damaged and unhealthy lawn by performing these simple soil analyses.

Neutral soil pH levels range between 6.5-7.5. Acidic soil has a pH below 6.5, and if it is above 7.5, it's alkaline. If you use lawn fertilizer on your lawn and it has a low pH, you will be adding nutrients to the soil your grass cannot utilize. Instead, the fertilizer will run off during rains or watering and be wasted



Stretch Property Maintenance offers professional lawn care and lawn maintenance tailored to your seasonal needs. Whether you're just looking for help in the summer to remedy persistent lawn issues or you're looking for an annual lawn care or lawn maintenance plan, please contact us today and a Stretch professional will follow up with you. Request a quote today!

Image of a well serviced Iowa lawn courtesy of lawn care and lawn maintenance services performed by Stretch Property Maintenance of central Iowa.

Lawn Maintenance Services

Our experienced team provides routine lawn maintenance services during all seasons, allowing your commercial or residential property to stay vibrant all year round.


Here at Stretch Property Maintenance, we don’t provide one sized fits all solutions to your lawn maintenance needs. Our lawn maintenance and landscape experts know that a proper maintenance plan requires delivering a custom-tailored solution that provides for the lawn’s essential maintenance needs: lawn mowing, lawn edging and blowing, plant trimming and pruning, spring cleanup, and fall cleanup. Our year-round plans guarantee that you will see real results in the health and appearance of your yard and plants.


Stretch provides lawn care and yard maintenance plans for residential and commercial clients in the Central Iowa communities of Ankeny, Granger, Grimes, and Johnston. Please reach out to us today and a Stretch professional with get back to you promptly.

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