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Growing the strong & healthy grass your lawn deserves.


Professional Lawn Fertilization Services



Our lawn fertilization program is a refined system that is divided into six individual applications applied to your commercial or residential lawn from early spring into winter. Our fertilization system uses top-of-the-line fertilizers blended specifically to promote soil health and feed your distinct cool-season grasses. Contact a service agent today to find out how we can get you started on the path to a thicker and healthier lawn.

An image of thick grass after receiving lawn fertilization services from Stretch Property Maintenance of central Iowa.

At Stretch Property Maintenance, we apply unique formulations to your lawn at six different

times between early March and December. The needs of your lawn change throughout the

year, and our distinct formulas prepare the lawn for the seasons ahead. We apply our

fertilizer at the same time as your weed control. This combination method ensures thick

grass and reliable weed suppression. Depending on the time of the year, we'll also apply

pre or post-emergent herbicide with your fertilizer treatment. Ongoing fertilizer applications

are vital to continuing health and appearance of your residential or commercial lawn.

Servicing the Central Iowa communities of Ankeny, Granger, Grimes, and Johnston.

Many fast-release and slow-release fertilizer formulations offer a ratio of 1-0-1 of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK). However many lawns are not always well served by this one size fits all formulation. Soil testing is a helpful and recommended tool to identify the unique needs of your specific lawn. We use slow-release, nitrogen-based fertilizers that benefit the cool season varieties of grasses in Iowa lawns Most newly established lawns require a higher ratio of potassium and phosphorus. This starter fertilizer is always used for the first application on freshly seeded lawns or new sod. Starter blends are typically phosphorus dominant to promote seed germination and vigorous root development. After this initial application, standard nitrogen-based fertilizer is generally used on most lawns.

Image of a high-quality lawn fertilizer blend used by Stretch Property Maintenance to feed
An image of a Stretch Property Maintenance lawncare technician applying fertilizer to a lawn in central Iowa.

What's The Right Fertilizer Formula For Your Lawn?


When Do We Apply Fertilizer ToYour Lawn?

The Benefits Of Regular Fertilizer Treatments

For properties in Central Iowa like Ankeny, Granger, Grimes, and Johnston, a healthy and hearty lawn will rely on regular applications of fertilizer. Regular fertilization applications establish and maintain turf that is thick, resistant, and able to withstand Iowa’s harsh summer and winter conditions. Healthy lawns green up faster after winter or drought, and are able to bounce back better from insect infestation or lawn diseases. A well-fertilized lawn can also naturally fight off some weeds, pests, and infections.



Stretch Property Maintenance offers professional lawn care and lawn maintenance tailored to your seasonal needs. Whether you're just looking for help in the summer to remedy persistent lawn issues or you're looking for an annual lawn care or lawn maintenance plan, please contact us today and a Stretch professional will follow up with you. Request a quote today!

An image a fertilized lawn with thick turf and green grass courtesy of Stretch Property Maintenance.

Lawn Maintenance Services

Our experienced team provides routine lawn maintenance services during all seasons, allowing your commercial or residential property to stay vibrant all year round.


Here at Stretch Property Maintenance, we don’t provide one sized fits all solutions to your lawn maintenance needs. Our lawn maintenance and landscape experts know that a proper maintenance plan requires delivering a custom-tailored solution that provides for the lawn’s essential maintenance needs: lawn mowing, lawn edging and blowing, plant trimming and pruning, spring cleanup, and fall cleanup. Our year-round plans guarantee that you will see real results in the health and appearance of your yard and plants.


Stretch provides lawn care and yard maintenance plans for residential and commercial clients in the Central Iowa communities of Ankeny, Granger, Grimes, and Johnston. Please reach out to us today and a Stretch professional with get back to you promptly.

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