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The 1-2 punch your lawn needs to realize its full potential.


Professional Lawn Aeration & Overseeding



Lawn aeration and overseeding your grass are great ways to combat soil compaction, allow valuable soil nutrients to migrate down into the root zone of your grass, and ensure an evenly thick lawn. We highly recommend combining aeration and overseeding services to maximize the density and overall health of your turf. This helps to ensure a healthy and green lawn through the seasons. Contact a service agent today to find out how we can stretch your resources to make that happen.


Our aeration services are generally provided in the spring and fall seasons. However, several factors may warrant this service for your property at different times of the year, such as your cool season grass type and the overall condition of your lawn. We strongly suggest you have your lawn aerated once per year to ensure your grass has access to the water and nutrients that it needs to thrive. We generally avoid aerating lawns in the summer because your grass is likely experiencing heat stress during this time.

Servicing the Central Iowa communities of Ankeny, Granger, Grimes, and Johnston.

An image of a lawn aeration soil plug being examined by a Stretch Property Maintenance lawncare professional.

Reducing soil compaction while amplifying the ability of grass to better absorb water and fertilizer are reasons we recommend our aerating services. For the best results in Iowa’s climate, we suggest aeration in the spring and fall seasons. We mechanically aerate lawns using a professional aeration machine that punctures little holes into the soil and pulls small cores from each hole, relieving compaction. We can follow aeration with overseeding, providing maximum seed-to-soil contact and promoting excellent grass seed germination. The result is a thick and vibrant lawn.

A photo of an Iowa lawn after lawn overseeding services performed by the lawncare professionals of Stretch Property Maintenance.

Bare patches on your lawn can be quite the eyesore. Our team at Stretch Property Maintenance offers an overseeding service that will fill in bare spots on your lawn and make it beautiful. For our overseeding service, we use a seed spreader to distribute grass seeds evenly over your lawn. Our team utilizes cool-season grass seeds because this grass type tends to thrive here in Iowa. We also pair our overseeding service with aeration to ensure that you receive the best results possible.



When Do We Offer Our Aeration Service?

How We Overseed

We Combine Cool-Season Grass Seeds With A Specially Blended Fertilizer

Cool-season grasses are typically what you see in Iowa lawns. For a robust lawn, we use a perfectly crafted blend of cool-season seed types; 70% of the blend is Kentucky bluegrass and 30% of the blend is perennial ryegrass. Using both grass types will result in strong, resilient, and dark emerald-green grass. After spreading the blend of seeds, we'll apply a starter fertilizer that is formulated to energize your new seedlings. With this fertilizer and regular watering, your new grass seedlings will have everything they need to help regenerate your lawn!

Overseeding is an excellent and cost-effective way to thicken an existing lawn and fill in bare spots without starting over. By establishing new grass in your existing turf we introduce a level of diversity and disease resistance to your lawn. We use professional-grade seed spreaders to make sure we get even seed coverage across your entire existing lawn. These seeds will grow and fill in any bare or thin areas of your lawn, providing dense and uniform grass coverage.

Why Do We Use Core Aeration Versus Spike Aeration?

What's The Difference Between Aeration & Dethatching?

Aerating and dethatching are both important lawn care services for your lawn that can be done in the spring and fall. They both serve to help fertilizer, water, and oxygen reach the root zone of your turf, allowing robust growth and improved health of your lawn. However, aeration results in the alleviation of compacted soil whereas lawn dethatching clears the layers of dead grass and debris may be blocking your grass from accessing water and fertilizer. Although they help your grass get what it needs, they require different equipment, and dethatching is not always used on every species of cool-season grass.

We aerate lawns using core aeration as we feel it is superior to spike aeration. When we use our aeration machine on your turf, it removes small cores from your lawn. Like spike aeration, core aeration allows nutrients, air, moisture, and light to reach further down into the soil of your lawn. However, unlike spike aerating, it also provides relief from soil compaction, promoting strong root development of your grass so your lawn can grow fuller and stronger. An aerated lawn also reduces lawn fertilizer runoff and will also help amplify the results of our other services.



Stretch Property Maintenance offers professional lawn care and lawn maintenance tailored to your seasonal needs. Whether you're just looking for help in the summer to remedy persistent lawn issues or you're looking for an annual lawn care or lawn maintenance plan, please contact us today and a Stretch professional will follow up with you. Request a quote today!


Our experienced team provides routine lawn maintenance services during all seasons, allowing your commercial or residential property to stay vibrant all year round.

A photo of an Iowa lawn after lawn overseeding services performed by the lawncare professionals of Stretch Property Maintenance.

Lawn Maintenance Services


Here at Stretch Property Maintenance, we don’t provide one sized fits all solutions to your lawn maintenance needs. Our lawn maintenance and landscape experts know that a proper maintenance plan requires delivering a custom-tailored solution that provides for the lawn’s essential maintenance needs: lawn mowing, lawn edging and blowing, plant trimming and pruning, spring cleanup, and fall cleanup. Our year-round plans guarantee that you will see real results in the health and appearance of your yard and plants.


Stretch provides lawn care and yard maintenance plans for residential and commercial clients in the Central Iowa communities of Ankeny, Granger, Grimes, and Johnston. Please reach out to us today and a Stretch professional with get back to you promptly.

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