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Maintenance  Services



Our lawn and landscape maintenance services aim to maximize your lawn's health while applying our craft intelligence to ensure you and your property know what's best for you. Stretching your resources and giving you the peace of mind knowing the job is done right, well...that's exactly what we do.

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Along with regular seasonal lawn mowing comes the essential service of weed control. Not all weeds are created equal and knowing the difference is most of the battle. Through the use of natural or chemical herbicidal agents, a Stretch Property Maintenance specialist can ensure your weed issues are controlled to promote a stress-resistant, greener, and more attractive lawn for seasons to come.

Seasonal Services
Spring, Summer, & Fall Services


Intentional lawn maintenance is essential to following through with staying up-to-date on the aesthetics of your property. Our lawn maintenance plan articulates solutions for mowing, trimming, blowing and edging every inch of your lawn on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. Interested in a service plan all year round? Contact a service agent today to find how we can stretch your resources to make that happen.

Seasonal Services
Spring, Summer, & Fall Services



Whether we are chopping your grass plants to promote spring growth, clearing away leaves and organic debris from your landscaping beds, or pruning your annuals for the spring season to come, a Stretch professional can deliver the resources you are looking for to ensure the season delivers the property aesthetic and lawn health you are looking for.

Seasonal Services

Spring, Summer, & Fall Services

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Seasonal mulch installation not only ensures your landscaping stays elegant and beautiful, but also promotes soil health and helps to mitigate weed growth. Through our craft intelligence, we can identify any issues with moisture control in your landscaping beds and replace moldy and unsightly mulch with new barriers dependent upon your aesthetic desires.

Seasonal Services
Spring, Summer, & Fall Services

Aeration is a great way to combat soil compaction and allow nutrients to seep down deep into the soil where the roots of your grass can use them. We recommend an aeration service in both the spring and the fall to maximize potential for nutrient absorbsion. This ensure your lawn stay greener and healthier throughout the seasons.

Seasonal Services

Spring & Fall Services

Through the pruning of trees and shrubs, the removal of leaves throughout property (including landscaping beds), seasonal weed control, lawn mowing, the removal of debris in gutters, and fall plant protection through the use of mulch application, Stretch Property Maintenance can ensure your lawn and landscape survives the brutal midwest winter.

Seasonal Services
Fall Services





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Overseeding is a straightforward way to fill in any bare spots on your lawn without having to tear up your turf or your soil. In order to overseed your lawn, our team will plant new grass across your existing turf. We do this by spreading our premium mix of cool-season grass seeds over your entire property. These seeds will grow and fill in any bare or patchy areas of your lawn, giving you a dense and lush lawn.

Seasonal Services

Fall Services

When the 5:30am alarm goes off, nobody wants to get up to shovel snow. No worries. Stretch Property Maintenance has the snow removal equipment needed to get the job done. Whether its simply taking care of the sidewalk or plowing an acre of concrete parking lot, our maintenance professionals will ensure there's somewhere to park.

Seasonal Services

Winter Services



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